Belly Rewards


What is Belly Rewards?

Belly is the one-of-a-kind rewards program you can use right here at Nom Nom's Cupcake Factory. You don't need a punch card or a swipe card, simply use the Belly app on your smartphone to earn and keep track of your points, and to see what rewards you can get with your points.  Or, if you prefer, you can get a Belly card from us and we'll scan it each time you visit. You can check on your points online via the Belly website.

What do I do first?

Download Belly and scan your app on the iPad at Nom Nom's Cupcake Factory. Earn points with every visit and redeem those points for rewards you’ll love. Get rewarded for what you do best: Being a loyal customer.

** Belly also works with Passbook and Apple Watch!

What kind of rewards do you offer?

Nom Nom's Cupcake Factory's Belly Rewards currently include:

  • 4 Pieces Of Our New Fine Pastry Bites - 20 Points
  • One Single Cupcake On Us! - 30 Points
  • Complimentary 2 Pack Of Cupcakes - 50 Points
  • 4 Pack Of Cupcakes On Us! - 80 Points
  • 12 Pack Assortment of Your Favorite Cupcakes - 150 Points

Download the Belly app and start earning points today!

Use the Belly Rewards app on your smart phone to rack up points each time you visit Nom Nom's Cupcake Factory